In order to close the circle of my two lives, that of a pianist and the life in which I temporarily abandoned music to discover the beauty of the world, I performed whatis called the world’s highest piano concert after scaling a 14,700ft peak in the Alps.

I also wanted to bring music and the mountain into people’s hearts, and to help people in doing so.

I decided to donate proceeds from the concert to charity – the Nepalese children’s home Sanonani




“Piano Classics’comprehensive Rachmaninoiv set is a brilliant showcase of what the label has done so successfully over the last five years – identifying and recording some of brightest talents among today’s exceptional generation of young pianists. With six different musicians involved on these discs there are unevennesses, but none of the playing is less than very good, and some is breathtaking….
…Some have been released by Piano Classics as single discs, while some, such as Elisa Tomellini’s busy roundup of Rachmaninov’s early piano pieces, are new.” – The Guardian: 2016 october 26″

Producer Alberto Spano


This 6‐CD set contains the works for piano solo by Sergei Rachmaninoff, 20th Century romantic, one of the greatest pianists of all time himself. In his iconic piano works he expresses his deepest personal emotions, from ecstatic joy and tolling of bells, to Slavic melancholy and utter tragedy. Many of his works became standard concert repertoire: the 24 Preludes, the Etudes‐tableaux, the Moments Musicaux, the two Piano Sonatas and the two Variations sets on themes by Corelli and Chopin.

This set brings together recordings by several of the best pianists of the younger generation: Alexander Gavrylyuk, Nikolai Lugansky, Zlata Chochieva, Lukas Geniusas, Alexander Ghindin and Elisa Tomellini, all sharing their deep love and affinity for the Russian master.














Tomellini- Vermeer












Producer Danilo Prefumo










PARTITA IVA  02280360997
Tomellini Elisa  TMLLSE76S63D969A